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Mission Statement

Deep River dedicates its considerable expertise to the development and discovery of new technologies, and to creating links between these technologies and existing technologies, to produce affordable alternative energy, with a focus on solar-thermal energy and geothermal energy.

  • With our Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds, Deep River seeks to recycle bulk industrial and municipal waste materials in a manner that is environmentally sound, in order: 1) to develop a source of alternative, fossil-fuel free energy that is economical and can provide baseline, 24x7, year-round power and peak demand storage; and 2) to create long-term, sustainable income, from recycling revenues and from power generation.

  • Deep River’s Deep Geothermal methodologies utilize drilling and completion techniques developed for the oil and gas industry to capture deep horizontal and geo-pressured domestic heat resources for carbon-free baseline power generation.

  • Value engineering, effective design practices and the diligence of Deep River’s innovators have led us to solutions that fulfill environmental standards and create reliable revenue streams for our investors and our partner companies.

Deep River’s integration of technologies to produce fulltime, renewable, fossil-fuel-free energy production and storage achieves societal and environmental benefit with sustained profitability. The systems Deep River has developed are exportable around the globe.


  • Richard Wynn Jr.
    Seal of the Cherokee Nation
  • Richard L Wynn Jr.

    Deep River’s founder, Richard L. Wynn Jr., is an independent geologist with over four decades of experience in mineral development (western USA and Alaska) and geological evaluation for oil and gas R&D and well-site operations. He has extensive experience in Geothermal energy, Plasma energy and Water technologies. Since 1993, he has been working to apply alternative energy applications aimed at zero fossil fuels and zero emissions through DRT Research & Development.

    For the last seven years he has primarily focused on developing green technologies which recycle materials to be utilized in the construction of Salinity Gradient Solar Pond energy production and storage systems. He has also continued the advancement of deep Geo-Pressure/Geo-Thermal energy solutions. Mr. Wynn is a native Oklahoman and citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

  • Linda Marroquin
  • Robert Yeggy PhD

    Dr. Yeggy has been a chemist formulator for almost 20 years and has 33 chemical patents to his credit. In addition, he has developed many surfactants and other chemistries that are in use by top chemical companies around the world.

    Additional to his formulating skills, Dr. Yeggy has started and sold four successful companies. He has maintained and continues to be a consultant to top companies in petroleum chemistry and surfactant chemistry.

    Dr. Yeggy is a founding member of Vary Petro Chem LLC. Dr. Yeggy serves as Chief Chemist/Chief Technology Officer of Deep River Group and CEO of Deep River Minerals Nano technology division.

  • Dr. George Nitschke
  • Dr. George Nitschke

    Founder Good Earth Mechanics (GEM) Licensed Professional Engineer holds 4 patents in Geopressured-Geothermal (GPGT) and Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds (SGSP) systems. Nitschke formed GEM in 2007 to promote optimal conversion of GPGT resource and SGSP systems to help solve integrated water and energy challenges in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Linda Marroquin
  • Linda Marroquin

    FUNCTIONAL EXPERIENCE Financing / Marketing and Infrastructure development in Latin America.

    CULTURAL EXPOSURE Extensive South & North Americas. US State Department service in Afghanistan. Speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, French.

    INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Telephone / Telecomm / Wireless Implementation; Unconventional Energy Development, Venture Capital, NGO, Non-Profit sector.

  • Tracy Wiest
  • Mr. Wiest’s oil industry career spans 27 years as a drilling operation superintendent or consultant. Held major company positions with BP Arco, Devon, St Mary’s Land & Exploration, Penn Virginia and assorted minor independent operators. His early experience in 1990’s with BP Arco started the optimization process called “Technical Limits Coordination” (TLC). This process radically reduces inefficiencies of all logistics that are inherent to the oil and gas industry. Mr. Wiest serves as Senior Vice President of Deep River Group Operations and CEO of Deep River Logistics.




Utilization of E & P-Generated Recycled Solids
by Richard L. Wynn Jr., CEO Geologist

2015 AADE Technical Conference and Exhibition

April 8 and 9, 2015
Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas

Conference Assets:
Paper (PDF Format)
• Presentation (PDF Format)

Capturing the Potential

Using the Oilfield as a Base for Alternative Energy Production
by Richard L. Wynn Jr., CEO Geologist

2016 Power Plays Conference - Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields

April 25 and 26, 2016
SMU Campus, Dallas, TX

Conference Assets:
Abstract (PDF Format)

Lessons Learned Converting Gas Wells To Geothermal Energy

Drilling into Geothermail Applications  
by Richard L. Wynn Jr., CEO Geologist

2018 Power Plays Conference  - Drilling into Geothermail Applications

January 11th, 2018
SMU Campus, Dallas, TX

Conference Assets:
Abstract (comming soon)