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icon DRT-R&D / Consulting

DRT-Research & Development, LLC (DRT-RD), the founding company of Deep River Group, has been in continuous operation for more than two decades providing highly innovative solution sets for oil and gas activities in the North America upstream and midstream E&P sectors. DRT-RD is the source of the visionary ideas that drive the cutting-edge applications being implemented by the other members of the Deep River Group.

icon Deep River Technologies

Deep River Technologies, LLC, is the focus for DRG’s alternative energy efforts. These include:

• Advanced vertical borehole retasking for geopressured geothermal (GPGT) energy;

• A proprietary horizontal geothermal energy production application;

• Exclusive license for Good Earth Mechanics’ Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds (SGSP), which use saturated brine, replacing controversial conventional salt water injection methods.

icon Deep River TerraForma

Deep River TerraForma is DRG’s enhanced green recycling division for remediation of E&P waste streams. TerraForma also sources the E&P recycled liquids and solids feedstock materials that make Deep River Technologies’ Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds cost-effective.

icon MVC Environmental, Inc. is a strategic partner which houses the patents for conversion of E&P solid waste into road-base. Deep River is an equity partner, providing management services, and Richard Wynn Jr is president of this company.

icon Deep River Logistics

Deep River Logistics, LLC, is a consulting group of highly talented professionals with over 100 years of E&P experience that provides contractual services to third party operators, including logistics, drilling supervision and completion services. This subsidiary company provides on-the-ground management for all Deep River E&P services.

icon Deep River Minerals LLC

Deep River Minerals, LLC, houses an exclusive license to grind composite material to sub-micron size, covering these industry sectors: Pigments & Colorants (to include TIO2 and Carbon Black), Fluorescent Dyes, Graphites, Optical brighteners, Fillers for Paint, Caulk & Adhesives, Paint additives, 3-D Printing Consumables, Powdered Metals, Chemical Process Reducing, Chemical Binders, Food Processing and Micro Silica.